Dragaku is changing!

There is a very well known wordpress exploit that even wordpress.org is suffering from. It is basically a backdoor that some fake advertisers are using in order to inject some ads in. I have no idea how deep the injection goes, so instead of trying to restore a backup, I have just wiped everythig as we don't really use the site anymore. I am also going to be switching hosts.

At any rate, Dragaku is now going to go a different route. We have enjoyed the side projects we have done so far, but none have managed to really go anywhere for several reasons. This next project will. I will be transforming this site to my game development company's site. Dragaku.com will keep its name, so there is no need to worry about a name change. If you have any questions or would just like to contact me, send an email to doctorwhy [at] dragaku [dot] com . Come back in a few months to see the changes, but I can't promise they will be done anytime soon.